Nobody says it better than our clients!

“In need of a water heater, with a unique need, I began calling plumbers. Steve at USA HC&P discussed my application, made a suggestion and asked for some more information from me. I provided the requested data and scheduled an installation date.

Mike just left after couple of hours. He did a professional, excellent installation for me that is also cosmetically appealing even though it's under the basement steps and won't be seen by anyone but me. Mike also cleaned up the work area and took all the debris. The price was more that fair and very competitive. By the way, Mike is a very personable guy and was a pleasure to have working for me!

I cannot speak for the HVAC since I haven't utilized that service - yet - but if I must, based on my experience today, USA will be my Go-To contractor.

If you need plumbing, USA is a sure-fire solution!”

Jerry M.
Germantown, WI

“USA is a reliable, honest company that does quality work at a reasonable price. When you call the company you talk to a live person, who is willing to take the time to make you understand how to fix your problem. I recommended them highly.”

Sandy Witt

“Julie * :. Just wanted to let you know that Josh is awesome. He is so polite, explains things in detail and is very friendly.”

Julie J.

“Having lived in two new construction homes and two existing homes, I've been a Waukesha resident for over 40 years. When selecting a contractor, the businesses' "years in existence" can't always be the deciding factor. Businesses change hands while the previous legacy tends to linger! I've had my fill of "Nightmare" contractors: The contractor that charged me for travel time and 1 hour for 10 minutes of work! The contractor who demanded $1,600 up front and seasons later was too busy to do my job but not busy enough to advertise daily in two local newspapers! The contractor who ordered the wrong size kitchen faucet then tried to charge me again, for the installation of the right one! Sometimes these ethically bankrupt actions are the tradesman's fault but it's still a reflection on the Contractor! Regardless, there all feckless wonders! Now for a breath of fresh air! I was listening to WISN Newstalk 1130 AM a few Saturdays ago. USA Plumbing was the featured guest. These two guys on the air were like a comedy team. They were having so much fun that the host had to rein them in! I feel the old adage holds true that if you have fun at your job, it's not work! I thought I'd give these guys a try. I had multiple plumbing issues I wanted corrected. Steve C****** paid me a visit. He, in concert with Kohler, deliberated solutions for my plumbing issues. At Steve's behest, Kohler even upgraded my kitchen faucet! Kohler is an outstanding regional company. They "did me a solid" and I've already sent them a "Thank You" letter. Steve arrived on the job and I was impressed. He was focused, personable and efficient. He answered questions without arrogance. He showed respect for my house, wearing "booties". He made me feel like I was talking to a friend! He had one goal in mind, a satisfied customer! That's what gives this experience a happy ending! USA gets my 5 star revue!”

Rudolph P.